Seven Strand Transfer Chain

One (1) Used Four Strand Transfer Chain originally 25 ft. wide x 25 ft. long includes the following:

- Four individual chain runs, overall lengths
  are 25'6" each.  Set up for 81X chain but 
  will accept 78 with the roll guides are 
  removed. Channel is 4" wide.  Equipped 
  with an idler on each end.      

- Each run has an interior idler and 
  bearing pad for an "S" drive shaft.

- 3-7/16" x approx.. 27 ft. long drive 
  shaft with seven drive sprockets, 
  6 pillowblock bearings and driven 
  rollerchain sprocket.

- Does not include drive or chain.  Depending 
  on which type of chain and drive you prefer,
  we may be able to quote separately.
See photos of Four Strand Transfer Chain 
on our web site.  Inventory No. TC-03.  
Located at our Portland, Oregon facility.
Seven Strand Transfer Chain

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