Coater/Roll Press Similar to Black Bros 51-1/4" wide Top & Bottom

Used Top & Bottom Coater/Roll Press (Similar to Black Bros.)

A.Opens to approx. 3" max. thickness

B.51-1/4" wide coating rolls.  Grooved 
  rolls are 7-1/8" dia.  

C.Each coating roll has a trough that 
  butts up againstthe coating roll and 
  has a handwheel adjustment to set the 

D.A bottom pan with drain collects the 

E.This machine has wipers between the end 
  of the roll and the glue trough.

F.3/4hp gearmotor, starter and power cord 
  with plug.

G.Appears in good condition. 

See photos of Top & Bottom 
Coater/Roll Press on our web site.  
Inventory No. 9078.  Located 
at our Portland, Oregon facility.
Coater/Roll Press Similar to Black Bros 51-1/4

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