Turner 52" Resaw Rollfeed E-52

Used Reconditioned Turner Model E-52, 52" Rollfeed Resaw with D.C. variable-speed feedroll drive. All ball and roller bearings throughout. Mechanical weight strain. Wheels are 6-3/8"-wide solid disc-type. Rolls will either center split or gauge saw, and tilt up to 25-degrees. Maximum opening is 11-1/2" inside saw, 11-1/2" outside saw, and 20" under guide. Four (4) feedrolls are 7-1/2"-diameter, 15"-high, and run in ball bearings. Saw speed 7450 FPM. Feed speeds 10-300 FPM. Blades required 7" x 26', 18 - 20 gauge. Weight approximately 10,000-lbs. Includes upper wheel guard, drive belt guard, and 50 HP ball bearing motor. Reconditioning includes new bearings, wheels resurfaced, balanced, all worn or broken parts repaired or replaced, cleaning, painting, and test run at full speed. Serial No. E819. See photos of Turner Model E-52, 52" Rollfeed Resaw on our web site. Inventory No. 8883. For brochure click on View PDF View PDF

Turner  52

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