Used Smithway 4" Moldmatcher XL2000 Model B

Used Smithway XL2000 Model B Moldmatcher (moulder). 2"x4" capacity, 6000 RPM, 1-1/4"-diameter spindles. Feed speeds from 10 to 80 feet per minute.

Top & Bottom Heads		5 HP
Sideheads			3 HP
Feed Motor			1 HP
Motors are 220/440V, 3-phase, 60 cycle.

Weight is 1,500-lbs. 
Floor space required is 3'X5'  

See photo of  Smithway XL2000 Model B 
Moldmatcher (moulder) on our web site.  
Inventory No. 7063.  Located at our 
Portland, Oregon facility.
Used Smithway 4

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