Woods Planer Matcher 10-Knife Model A-484-M 6" X 15"

One (1) Used Woods Model A-484-M 6" x 15", 10-Knife Angled Head Motorized Planer Matcher. Complete with chromed split sectional feedrolls, hydraulic feedroll drive with individual Danfoss OMV 630 hydraulic motors, hydraulic roll tensioning, power hoists, JM-5 model double profiler, No. 2 tapered sidehead spindles, and suction hoods. Feed speeds up to 750 FPM. Planer was designed to plane white pine or other soft wood without tearing grain or removing knots by using top and bottom cutterheads mounted on an angle. These cutterheads look nearly new and have been chromed, as have all the other wear parts. Includes jointers, sideheads and a large supply of spare parts, wrenches. Appears in very good condition. Serial No. 32853; built in 1957. See photos of Woods Model A-484-M 6” x 15”, 10-Knife Angled Head Motorized Planer Matcher on our web site. Inventory No. 5674.

Top Head 75 HP
Bottom Head 40 HP
Left Sidehead 40 HP
Right Sidehead 25 HP
Top Profile 25 HP
Bottom Profile 40 HP
Power Hoists 1 HP x 3
All motors are 440-volts.
Woods Planer Matcher 10-Knife Model A-484-M 6

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