Newman 990 High Speed Planing Line

Newman 990 High Speed Planing Line Nearly New System in excellent condition.

- 5 Strand Infeed Package Deck
- 4 Arm Tilting Package Breakdown Hoist
- 6 Strand Spill Chain Deck
- Live Chain Drop Out Tipple System
- 6 Strand Speed up Chain Deck
- 6 Strand Feed Table Infeed Chain Deck
- Double Pineapple Hydraulic Infeed Table
- Planer Live Bridge Section
- Newman 990 16-Knife, 400-1400 FPM  
  Hydraulic driven 4-Head 
  6” X 15” Planer Matcher with 14” dia 
  feedrolls, 125HP top head 60HP 
  bottom head, 65HP left side head, 
  40HP right sidehead, 
  13-3/8” cutting circles, tapered 
  sidehead spindles, and suction hoods/pipe.
- 125HP Hydraulic Power Unit
- Motor Control Center
- Outfeed Discharge Belt 
- Outfeed Angled Slow Down Belt
- Remote Operator’s Console
- 6 Strand Roof Top Chain Landing Table
- Decline Deck to Outfeed Chains
- 5 Strand Outfeed Pull Chain Deck with 
  side Rollers
- All Drive Motors
- All Sub-Steel
- Piping System
- Dismantling
- Optional Newman Double Profile
- Optional Diehl 12” 5-Head Moulder.  

See photos of Newman 990 High Speed 
Planing Line on our web site.  Inventory No. 12261C.
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Newman 990 High Speed Planing Line

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