Portland Lumber Services High Speed Coaters

Portland Lumber Services High Speed Coaters. Models for lumber, glue lams, and panels from 1” X 4” to 7” X 48”. Unatomized application avoids air quality issues and less waste. Four 8” back brushes work liquid into wood. Dual 8” squeegy rolls remove excess from wood with pressure control for precise mil thickness. All stainless steel construction with externally mounted hydraulic drives allow easy and fast wash-down cleaning of all rolls, brushes and cabinet. Feed speeds in excess of 600 feet per minute with complete coverage. Applies acrylic and alkyd paint, moldicides, fungicides, fire retardant, and wide variety of other chemicals.

Model M79 for 1” X 4” to 7” X 48”

Model M77 for up to 7” X 12”
and includes powered side brushes.

Models include pumps and filtration.  
Infeed and outfeed transfer systems 
designed per customer’s needs.  All systems include professional 
start-up services

Our customers include:
		Chicago Flame Proof
		Alta Forest Products
		Universal Forest Products
		P P G
                Reliable Wholesale Lumber
See photos of Portland Lumber Services 
High Speed Coaters on our web site. 
Inventory No. 100PLS.
Portland Lumber Services High Speed Coaters

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