Planer Parts and Motors

Machinery Sales Co. Inc, has a huge inventory of good used and new planer parts including gears, chipbreakers, guide bars, bedplates, major castings, rotors, stators, feedrolls, cutterheads and complete parts machines. We are currently parting out these machines: We can save you thousands of dollars and valuable time. Please give us a call.See photos on our web site. Inventory No. PPM

Stetson- Ross	6-10-A1
Stetson- Ross	6-12-A1
Stetson- Ross	6-12-C1
Stetson- Ross	6-14-D1
Stetson- Ross	6-16-A

Woods		484M
Woods		489M
Woods		415M
Woods		409M
Woods		412M
Woods		414M

Yates American	A-20
Yates American	A-62

Newman		510
Newman		512
Planer Parts and Motors

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