Economizer Portable Small Log Wood Processor

Economizer Portable Small Log Wood Processor.

-  Mounted on 20’ Tandem axel trailer 
   with brakes

-  Full 20’ weather-proof enclosure

-  Infeed presort rollcase

-  Log loading magazine module

-  Sawbox complete with four cutterheads 
   and  one splitting saw

-  Sawdust blower

-  Perkins 160HP turbo diesel

-  Air compressor with 60 gallon tank

-  Controls

-  3” minimum log diameter

-  10” maximum log diameter

-  2” X 2” minimum cant size

-  6” X 6” maximum cant size

-  No maximum length

-  Up to three (3) saws can be installed 
   to produce boards instead of cants

-  Sets to within 1/16” accuracy

-  1-hour set up time on arrival at site

-  Typically produces 14,000 board feet 
   per day

-  See PDF brochure attached.

Appears in very good condition and 
can be test run for buyer.  See photos 
of Economizer Portable Small Log Wood 
Processor on our web site. Inventory No. 2018WPV.  
For brochure click 
on View PDF View PDF
Economizer Portable Small Log Wood Processor

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