Welliver Washer/Blender/Screen

Welliver Washer/Blender/Screen. Model 19018, S/N 0500A. 46” dia. X 96” long, stainless steel drum is .130 thick and has 1/2” dia. holes. Interior of drum has a series of baffles and flights that move material toward the discharge where it is lifted to move out of the drum. The main shaft is 1/15/16” dia. and powered by a Dodge size TXT 225 shaft mount reducer. Motor is not included but may be quoted separately. Construction is stainless steel welded parts and galvanized support frame. A conveyor would be required to fit into the discharge end. Dimensions are 11’6” long X 65” wide X 7’ high. Condition appears very good. See photos of Welliver Washer/Blender/Screen on our web site. Inventory No. 11876. Located at our Portland, Oregon facility.

Welliver Washer/Blender/Screen

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