CSMI Twin Slabber/Chipping Canter

One (1) Used CSMI Twin Slabber/Chipping Canter Unit. Model # 17893-000, S/N 9501-50. 6-Knife Heads are equipped with “Key Knife” disposable knives and both heads shift on chromed round ways with 12” stroke Temposonics controlled hydraulic linear positioner cylinders. Maximum width is 26”, minimum is 2”. Each head is powered by a 150 HP 230/460V 1180RPM Premium High Efficiency TEFC motors. Smooth face plates are 18-1/2” diameter. Heads measure 38” diameter overall with 24-1/2” across flat face knives. Was used on a small log sharp chain system and appears in very good condition. See photos of CSMI Twin Slabber/Chipping Canter Unit on our web site. Inventory No. 10726. Located at our Portland, Oregon facility.

CSMI Twin Slabber/Chipping Canter

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